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Importer of Record Service: Importing Through an Import Partner

In Indonesia, an Importer of Record is a legal service that allows businesses to import products into the country via an import partner. Abisnis, as an Importer of Record, offers an end-to-end import service for a wide range of products, from medical devices to cosmetics and food and beverage. Continue reading to learn more about how an IoR works in Indonesia.

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A. Import License Process – A Lengthy & Multi-step Process

Before obtaining an Import License or Permit, the product holder must establish a company. The time it takes to incorporate a foreign company can range from weeks to months. The time frame is determined by how well its company documents are prepared for submission to Indonesian authorities. A Foreign Company must also submit an investment plan with a minimum paid-up capital of IDR 10 billion as part of this process.

Only after these milestones have been met can a company apply for import permits and licenses, which could take another 3 – 6 months. To finally trade in Indonesia, a product holder should allow time for Product Registration with BPOM as well as other licenses such as Halal License and SNI license.

B. When Importer of Record Services Are Beneficial?

Companies in the following business situations will benefit from IoR services in their operations in Indonesia.

Rapid market entry into Indonesia is critical to your business strategy.
To manage sales in Indonesia, you have local distribution and retail partners.
You own a business in Indonesia, but it is ineligible to apply for an import license.
Importing goods is rare (e.g., once every 6 months).
You are importing a variety of products from various categories.

C. Import Products into Indonesia with Abisnis

While you concentrate on the core of your business, Abisnis’ complete product registration and import solutions can assist you with the technical aspects of starting a business in Indonesia. Please complete the form below to learn more, and an IoR expert will contact you shortly.

D. Why Choose Abisnis as Your Importer of Record?

    Our team has become acquainted with the most recent Indonesian regulations to ensure that your operations remain compliant.
    Whatever your requirements are, we will have a solution. We can ensure that your operations run thanks to our extensive experience smoothly.
    We can help with product certification and registration as your Importer of Record.
    As your Importer of Record, we will handle all administrative processes to avoid delays and rejected products.

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