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Background Check and Due Diligence Services in Indonesia

Knowing whom you partner with and assessing the risks before investing is critical in business. Before entering any commercial or legal arrangement, you can analyze your prospective partner and know more than what the statistics say with background checks and due diligence services in Indonesia.

A. What is a Due Diligence Service in Indonesia?

Investors considering partnering with third parties are advised to use an Indonesian due diligence service. This operation is carried out after two parties agree on the fundamentals of a transaction but have yet to sign a binding contract. Due diligence services in Indonesia are designed to provide detailed information about a specific company before doing business to identify potential risks or problems that have occurred in the past or may happen in the future.

B. What is a Background Check Service in Indonesia?

A background check will give you detailed information about the company’s history and credit score. It allows you to evaluate the company from a legal standpoint, as well as their financial condition and other essential aspects, such as their:

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Financial Information
  3. Legal History/Related legal events
  4. Business Relationships and Related Parties
  5. Activity Features (including the company’s reputation, suppliers, and customers)

C. Background Check and Due Diligence Services in Indonesia with Abisnis

Abisnis, one of Indonesia’s leading management consulting firms, can help you conduct a background check and due diligence for Indonesian companies. This can only be done for a legal entity registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. We provide all the information in a set of accurate data to assess its finances, credit, assets, histories, past contracts, and agreements so you can determine whether it is a healthy business or venture partner. We can also tailor the results of these operations to your company’s needs.

A background check and due diligence usually take between 6 and 12 working days.

D. Why Choose Abisnis for Background Check and Due Diligence Services in Indonesia

    Abisnis’ background check and due diligence services in Indonesia, with over a decade of professional experience, can significantly reduce the risk of dealing with unfavorable conditions.
    Manufacturing, financial services, trade and distribution, oil and gas, tourism and hospitality, healthcare, technology, and the digital economy are just a few of the industries we serve.
    Our dependable consultants can provide critical information to help you make informed decisions and negotiate the best terms for your transaction. In addition, we can help you draft legal agreements that solely protect your interests.
    Abisnis’s background check and due diligence services in Indonesia can save a company time and money to focus on its core business.

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