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Indonesian citizens who need a visa to travel abroad frequently face complications and stringent requirements. As your outbound visa agent, Abisnis can help you with your application.

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A. Applying for an Overseas Visa for Indonesians

Obtaining an overseas visa before departure is the safest way for Indonesian citizens (WNI) to travel abroad. Many countries do not allow Indonesian citizens to apply for a Visa On Arrival. As a result, we recommend that you apply for an overseas visa for your destination country.

An overseas visa for Indonesian citizens is issued by the embassy or consulate general of your destination country. To expedite the process, you can use the services of an outbound visa agent to apply for a travel visa abroad.

Abisnis offers immigration services for obtaining overseas visas for Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals.

B. The Types of Overseas Visas for Indonesians

Abisnis provides immigration services to Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals to obtain overseas visas.

In addition to determining which country you will visit, you must also choose the type of overseas visa that best suits your travel plans. Foreign embassies and consulates can issue several different types of foreign visas, including:

  1. Tourist Visa
    A tourist visa is one of the most common types of overseas visas requested by Indonesian citizens and foreigners living in Indonesia. This type of travel visa is only valid for vacation trips and visits to family members living abroad. Tourist visa holders are not permitted to engage in any business activities.
  2. Business Visa
    A business visa is required for those who wish to conduct business or participate in commercial activities such as meetings, conferences, training, and trade shows. Business visa applications are the best option for those who do not have a work permit in their destination country.
  3. Work Visa

    Indonesian citizens who wish to work legally in their destination country require a work visa or work permit. This document can only be submitted if an Indonesian citizen obtains sponsorship before traveling to their destination country.

C. Foreign Visas for Indonesian Passport Holders

Indonesian passports are well-known for allowing easy travel to a variety of countries. This increases the likelihood of foreign visas being approved. Indonesian citizens frequently apply for visas to Australia, New Zealand, China, and Schengen Countries.*

Note: The Schengen area covers 22 countries in Europe

D. Why Choose Abisnis as Your Outbound Visa Agent?

  1. 100% OFFICIAL
    With over a decade of experience, Abisnis’ immigration services provide a simple legal process.
    Outbound visa agents at Abisnis ensure that your visa application complies with the regulations of your destination country.
    Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We provide professional advice on information for traveling to various countries.
    We can help you prepare for your upcoming trip abroad by streamlining the visa application process.

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