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Recruitment Agency in Indonesia

Using a recruitment agent in Indonesia will assist you in hiring the best candidate for your company, saving you time and money. Learn more about how outsourcing recruitment services can benefit your Indonesian business.

Key Services

A. Recruitment Agency Indonesia Plays a Major Role

After registering your company and completing the post-incorporation compliance, you should focus on recruiting the best talent to elevate your business as soon as you enter the Indonesian market. Abisnis, an Indonesian one-stop market entry and HR consulting firm, has extensive knowledge of recruitment procedures. With extensive experience and networks, our recruitment services can undoubtedly assist you in establishing or expanding a team that aligns with your expansion objectives in Indonesia.

B. Recruitment Agency Indonesia

An Employer of Record (EoR) service allows foreign companies to legally hire from Indonesia’s labor force without having an office in the country. As an EOR service provider, Abisnis can assist you in:

  • Recruitment and Candidate Shortlisting
  • Appointments and Employment
  • Payroll processing and Salary Adjustments
  • Income Tax Calculations and Reporting
  • Employee Benefits and Insurance
  • Visas and local sponsorship applications

C. We Can Also Help You with Payroll Processing and Outsourcing

HR is one of the most complex departments in any company, as it is responsible for many administrative tasks. Abisnis’ HR consultants are recruitment procedures, payroll processing, and tax reporting experts. We can also help you develop other HR functions, such as:

  • Establishing HR policies.
  • Providing training and development.
  • Developing compensation and benefits.
  • Serving as your local HR partner.
  • Other related services about recruitment in Indonesia.

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