Employer of Record

Employer of Record in Indonesia

Hiring Indonesian talent can be difficult if your company is based elsewhere in a world where remote hiring is becoming the norm. This is when an Employer of Record (EoR) service may be beneficial.

A. Employer of Record Service: The Basics

An Employer of Record Indonesia service provider legally bears all administrative responsibilities for managing a company’s employees as a form of outsourcing. Recruitment, payroll, and work permits are examples of EoR responsibilities.

While the Employer of Record service provider legally holds employment contracts, your company would retain day-to-day operational autonomy. Your company will continue to make all final decisions regarding business strategies, employee management and supervision.

B. EoR in Indonesia: Thinking About The Future of Your Business

Using an Employer of Record service to set your roots in Indonesia opens the doors to new opportunities in the country:

  • Set up a company & enter the market on a larger scale if you are satisfied with how your product or service performs in Indonesia
  • Apply for a work permit (aka a KITAS) if you want to work in Indonesia after you have set up your company
  • Apply for a work permit (aka a KITAS) if you want to work in Indonesia after you’ve set up your company
  • Tax and accounting services to facilitate financial reporting as well as the payment of income & corporation tax
  • Employee background check

C. EoR Service in Indonesia with Abisnis

If you’re ready to consider Abisnis as your Employee of Record service provider, here is our full list of EoR services to keep in mind:

  • Recruitment and Candidate Shortlisting
  • Appointments and Employment Agreements
  • Payroll processing and Salary Adjustments
  • Income Tax Calculations and Reporting
  • Employee Benefits and Insurance
  • Visas and local sponsorship applications

D. The Simplified EoR Recruitment Process

  1. Recruitment
    Finding qualified talent
    Background checks
  2. Onboarding
    Training new employees to meet your standards
  3. Payroll and Tax
    Payroll and tax calculation
    Payroll processing and tax reporting
  4. Termination
    Reiterating terms of contract upon departure

E. Why Choose Abisnis as Your Employer of Record Service Provider?

    We commit to providing high-quality EoR services tailored to your unique business needs.
  2. 100% COMPLIANT
    Our experienced HR specialists have the right skills to get it done and will not stop until they reach the client’s satisfaction while ensuring your employment affairs comply with Indonesian law.
    While you focus on other aspects of your business, we will handle the recruitment process from start to finish, with your final approval.

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