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A. Local Partner Selection Services in Indonesia: Finding the Trusted Partner

Suppose you do not want to set up a Foreign Direct Investment company. In that case, you can still engage in direct exporting by hiring a local partner to import and distribute your products or arranging a contractual agreement for projects.

Abisnis will help you achieve your business goals and objectives in Indonesia by guiding you through four stages of business development:

  • Stage one: Abisnis begins by preparing a business development analysis. This includes an industry overview for your company, a competitive analysis with a list of competitors and market prices, and a list of selected potential partners and distributors from our internal and external authorized sources based on your requirements.
  • Stage two: Abisnis contacts all potential local partners and customers to introduce your company, products, and technology and creates a shortlist of companies based on their interests, as well as new insights and information about local partners.
  • Stage three: Abisnis creates an agenda for your business visit to Indonesia, including all necessary steps such as business negotiations, transportation, business consultant assistance and translation, meeting report finalization, and business follow-up.
  • Stage four: Abisnis assists you in maintaining ongoing communication with your local partner by developing a business plan with your partners and managing all of the processes required to achieve your business objectives.
1st stage §  Preparation of Business Development Analysis
§  Overview about your business industry include list of local Competitors
§  Selection potential Partners and Distribution for cooperation
2nd stage §  Contact potential local partner to introduce our client and intended cooperation
§  Conduct initial meeting to clarify the company and interest of collaboration
§  Shortlisted potential local partners based on requirements and inputs from individual meetings
3th stage §  Arrange client’s Indonesian business visit
§  Consulting and translation assistance during meeting with local potential partners
§  Assist our client in selecting local partner after business visit
4th stage §  Maintain on-going communication with local partners
§  Set-up business plan with other necessary requirements

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