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Streamlining Your First Steps into Indonesia

Indonesia has become a country with rapid growth in the economy, attracting investors and business owners all over the globe. According to the Indonesia Coordinating Investment Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal or BKPM), the number of investments received from both foreign and local economies has reached IDR 692,8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 16.4%. With numerous business ventures and startups available, starting a business in Indonesia is possible for anyone. There are several requirements that one must follow to start a legitimate company. You can follow these clear steps that can help you meet the requirements for starting a business in Indonesia.

  1. Ensure the business activity is in the Positive Investment List To start a foreign direct investment
  2. Establish the right legal entity
  3. Deal with the bureaucracy
  4. Prepare the location
  5. Find resources
  6. Choose The Right Company Registration Consultant

If you have all of the requirements in order and work with trusted consultants, starting a business in Indonesia is a relatively simple process. A Business team will guide you in comprehensively.

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Meet the team

Yulius Agus Prasetiyanto

Founder & CEO
Experienced at Digital Media and E-commerce with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry; CEO of Digital Advertising Programmatic Platform (Geniee Softbank group), Border E-commerce and Affiliate Platform, Bizdev at Digital Media (Wechat &

Erih Lespitaningsih

Chief Marketing Officer
Marketing Communication and Business Partnerships at (Telkom Group e-commerce Platform) over a 4 years period, 7 years of Marketing Communication at Merah Putih event organizer and PRODO Magazine.

Ricky Ariwibowo

Chief Technology Officer
Experienced more than 15 years in System Information and Knowledge Management and also System Development.

Mohammad Aditiyan Nugroho

Human Resources and Legal Counselor
Legal expert consultant at Bawaslu (General Election Supervisory Agency) and Adhikarna Partnerships Law Office, Human Resources and General Affair of MNC Media.

Eka Mardiarti

Founder & Commissioner
COO and Sales Director at EStorm Technologies over a 7 years period, led sales team across Asian Region which addressed varied industries in Singapore, Philippines, East Timor and Indonesia for branding, telcos, real estate agency, manufacturing, health, retailers, stock trading, recruitment, loyalty program, consultancy companies and more.

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